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Step Into Wellbeing
•phase by phase•

with healing that nourishes you through every phase and stage

of your hormone journey, I'm here with you every step of the way.

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See you inside!

you matter.

Whether you know you have a hormone imbalance you want to address, or want to deepen your self care rituals with healing benefits, I've got you.


I'm Sarah, and I created Grounded Roots Heal after seeing a huge gap between the needs of women / cyclical beings, and what is available to us! Having lived with endometriosis and hormone imbalances myself, holistic hormone healing has changed my whole life for the better, and I want that for you too.

You deserve to feel good, and I can help.



Womb Healing Sessions


"I've been going to Sarah since July and the experience has been nothing less than amazing! I booked a womb healing session, where you do muscle testing, drink herbal tincture, hot and cold therapy... Sarah is so welcoming. She saw right into my pains and could help me right away. I'm so thankful to meet her!"


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